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Welcome to the Marché Health Marketplace community.

If you are reading this, you are likely a participant and catalyst in the digital health revolution, a player contributing to the pivot our health system is making from tentative experimentation and uneven adoption to an unmitigated plunge into digital health in pursuit of its limitless potential.

Yet, despite COVID-prompted acceleration and gung-ho enthusiasm, progress has been slow and erratic with tremendous friction remaining that impedes the advancement of digital health.

Marché Health’s mission is to eliminate barriers and partner with you to smooth and speed digital health transformation in the healthcare system.

This tsunami of new and untested digital tools – many with high price tags – has combined with one-sided information and untested claims about performance and effectiveness to create a confusing, frustrating landscape where providers struggle to find digital solutions that will truly advance patient care while innovators who actually have those game-changing tools can go unnoticed by providers.

Hundreds of companies offer redundant digital products, promising solutions to improve healthcare and/or solve specific problems with scant track records or points of comparison. Also discouraging, each digital solution sits in its own silo paying no attention to how it would contribute to a connected, coordinated, integrated health system that makes sense for the patient and caregiver.

So much capital, so many ingenious inventions, so much “cool stuff.” But no one knows what works.

In every other aspect of modern living, digital platforms enable consumers to directly connect with sellers and each other to purchase goods and services and find best products and prices. Until now there has been no digital platform in healthcare.

We created Marché Health to be an independent, unbiased marketplace community directly connecting providers, payers, entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, pharma and consultants to learn about products and each other, engage over digital health needs, and explore solutions and innovations.

I will mention three key components that make our marketplace uniquely positioned to break through the chronic barriers to digital health advancement.

First, truly meaningful information. The Marché Marketplace community will freely share and learn from each other. The platform also features a rich database, curated by industry experts and gleaned from across independent sources, that provides evaluation and analysis about the performance and track record of digital products. Plus, significantly and unique in healthcare, Marché will track and post quality and outcome data in real time as providers use digital healthcare tools.

Second, Marché will streamline business functions and procurement for providers and vendors by screening vendors and posting certification, credentialing and other legal and regulatory prerequisite documents on the site to jump-start contracting.

Third, and most important, is Marché’s mission and focus.

Unlike with many platforms we all use daily, Marché’s primary goal is not to make a fortune. Our goal is to improve patient care, outcomes, patient and caregiver experience, and access to care. It is to improve efficiency and effectiveness in healthcare, decrease cost and increase value. Ultimately, we must harness the power and potential of digital health to improve health and quality of life.

With critical information sharing and these goals as our guide star, the best digital health solutions that truly advance patient-centered, outcomes-based care will emerge, flourish and transform the health system of the future. Marché looks forward to partnering with you on this urgent and essential journey.

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